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Concentrated High Power Odour Control - 5Ltr

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Typical Uses

Ambience is the complete answer to all odor problems that occur on rubbish dumps, sewerage works, waste bin area’s Ambienceuses only FOOD GRADE MATERIALS in its construction, so it is completely safe to use in all food plants.

Ambience is a neutral product which is safe when coming into contact with the skin.

Ambience controls all odor problems fast, is simple to use, and may be drip fed or sprayed directly onto source of odor. Where grease and slime are present use Dispatch.

Ambience is extremely concentrated and can be diluted up to 800-1.

Ambience is biodegradable, contains no inorganic chemicals and will not affect natural bacteria, essential to sewage works and septic tanks.

Ambience may also be used as a final rinse in hospital laundries to eliminate offensive odors.

Ambience is completely biodegradable to UK and EC standards.

Ambience is ideal for Septic Tanks, Man Holes, Drains, Rubbish & Refuse Tips, Water Authorities, Farms, Offal, and Treatment Plants & Sewage Works.

Ambience must be diluted before use especially if dosing equipment has plastic seals.

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