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DESCALE-4 Can be used on all catering equipment, kettles, baine-marie & surfaces.

DESCALE-4 Is safe to use on Saniflow systems

DESCALE-4 Is designed for Heavy Duty Limescale removal.

DESCALE-4 will not damage plastic pipes.

DESCALE-4 High Strength Lime Scale Remover and Catering Descaler. Descale's all catering equipment & Kettles..


DESCALE-4 A very high strength, straw coloured liquid used for removing lime scale wherever it is formed.

Benefits and Features

DESCALE-4 In minutes this product dissolves lime scale, removes algae and cleans brickwork, toilets and ceramics. When instructions are followed, will descale safely any equipment where lime scale proves a problem.

Directions for Use

Fill with a 5% solution of descaler and leave until a bubble generation subsides. The appliance should not be powered up when filled with descaler.

Ceramics, poolsides, stonework – wipe over with a strong solution of descaler.

Toilets, sinks, urinals – use neat.

All operations should be thoroughly rinsed several times afterwards with fresh clean water.

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