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DL2100 - Biodegradable Heavy Duty Super Concentrated machine Dish Wash liquid - 5Ltr

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DL2100 DishWash Liquid


DL 2100 is a heavy duty, super concentrated, liquid detergent for use in dishwash machines

DL 2100 effectively cuts through grease and removes a wide range of normal catering soilage in Soft & Hard WAter areas

DL 2100 Dishwash Liquid & Dishwash detergent is a Heavy Duty, Super Concentrated Detregent for all Dishwash Machines. DL2100 is kind to your machine – with added corrosion inhibitor and water softener prevent scale formation

DL 2100 ensures a continuous supply of gleaming crockery, cutlery and glassware, without physical effort


DL 2100 is a super concentrate and dilutes approximately 1 part detergent to 1000 parts water. It is suitable for use in all types of dishwash machines either through an automatic feed system or manually. (see health and safety details)

DL 2100 should be used together with EnviroZest RA2300 RINSE AID for best results

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