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TFR-EV-6000 -Vehicle Wash Biodegradable Super Concentrated Heavy Duty Traffic Film remover - 25Ltr

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TFR-EV- 6000 is a specially formulated environmentally friendly Water Based Heavy Duty Traffic Film Remover with additives specifically designed for effortless, safe, and economical and is an effective removal of traffic film and harmful road salts. 

T F R-EV-6000 is a highly concentrated heavy duty cleaner which effortlessly breaks down deposits of grease, oil, mud, road salts and many other  contaminants.   Simply dilute with water in accordance with our instructions for use label attached to the container.  TFR-EV-6000 cleans oil, grease, grime, l and many other harmful contaminants from most surfaces without risk of damaging it. TFR-EV-6000 is designed specifically for the easy removal of Traffic Road Film, either manually or through pressure washers and steam cleaning machines.  Rinse thoroughly to avoid streaking and leaving a sparkling vehicle finish.

TFR-EV-6000 when applied through a hot pressure washer is an effective cleaner for Vehicle Trailer Curtains.  Again rinse thoroughly.

TFR-EV-6000 1 x 25ltrs of TFR-EV-6000 Concentrated Traffic Film Remover  is equavilant to 10 x 25ltrs of Standard Traffic Film Remover, making it extremeley cost effective.


TFR-EV-6000 as a general guide may be applied in a minimum ratio of 25 mls of TFR-EV-6000   to 5 Litres of Water depending on the surface to be cleaned and the extent of the contamination. Can be diluted upto 600-1

Typical Uses

T F R effectively removes Traffic Film effortlessly and has a sheeting effect which speeds drying and reduces the chance of water spotting giving customers the prestigious image required to successfully promote their business. Virtually all commercial, industrial, Public Sectors have a need and use for this product.  Such outlets are Haulage Companies, Couriers, Taxi Firms ,Hotels, Garages, Coach & Bus Companies, Automotive Manufacturers, Airlines,  and any Large or small Fleet Operator,  indeed, wherever first impressions is the Image to be  presented.

Product Pluses

TFR-EV-6000 contains a unique sequestering additive which quickly emulsifies Traffic Road Film, Road Salt, oil, grease, dirt and holds soil in suspension for easy removal.

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