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TFRW8000 - Traffic Film Remover With Wax Biodegradable Heavy Duty Super Concentrated Traffic Film remover with Wax -25Ltr

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Traffic Film Remover, Traffic Film Remover, Traffic Film Remover with wax is a biodegradable, heavy duty, concentrated, water based, traffic film remover.

TFRW800 breaks down all types of deposits of grease, oil, mud, flour, dust and carbon black.

TFRW800 is highly dilutable, with water, so is far more economical in usage than other oily solvent based traffic film removers.


TFRW8000 can be used through a pressure washer, steam cleaner or by hand.

TFRW8000 should be diluted with water. A general guide is a minimum of 10-1, up to a maximum of 600-1, depending on the surface to be cleaned and the extent of contamination.

Typical Uses

TFRRW8000 easily removes road film from vehicles and requires no brushing. Just spray on and wash or wipe off. TFRW8000 is a must for all industries Involving Transport such as Haulage Companies, Couriers, Taxi Firms, Hotels, Garages, Coach  & Bus companies, Airlines, Distributors, etc.


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