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is a Global provider of environmentally friendly, super concentrated cleaning and hygiene products that meet the specific requirements of a wide variety of industries.

products are a superior quality which are cost effective, biodegradable, water based, heavy duty, food safe, non toxic and come highly recommended by numerous businesses world wide.


  supplies such products as De-scale, Concrete Cleaner, Multi Purpose cleaner,  Sterilizers and Sanitizers, Disinfectant, Antibacterial Cleaners,  Traffic film remover (TFR)with or without wax, Lorry Wash,  Screen Wash Odor Control, Degreaser, Barrier cream and Hand cleaners, Stainless steel cleaners and wipes.

has developed a portfolio of products from extensive customer observations, modern manufacturing and production techniques. We supply a wide range of liquids, aerosols and wipes for cleaning and lubricating for customers from every sector of industry. With our total focus on both the environment and health and safety issues we make the ideal cleaning chemical supplier for you, your staff and the world around us.

With an extensive range of literally hundreds of different products, we will have the solution to assist you in whatever you need to achieve. In fact any requirements you have at your business if we don’t have the solution available we will make every effort to develop it specifically for you.


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