1.1 Terms and conditions for delivery are only applicable in the UK. For delivery outside the UK please contact export department.

1.2 Unless otherwise agreed delivery of the goods shall take place at the Purchaser's place of business.

1.3 Where makes delivery of the goods to the Purchaser's place of business or any other place as agreed in writing, all charges in relation to carriage, including, without limitation transport costs, insurance and unloading, will at option, be borne by the Purchaser.

1.4 If for any reason the Purchaser does not accept delivery of any of the goods when they are ready for delivery then the goods will be deemed to have been delivered, risk passing to the Purchaser (including for loss or damage caused by  negligence) and may:

1.4.1 Store the goods until actual delivery whereupon the Purchaser will be liable for all related costs and expenses (including without limitation storage and insurance); or

1.4.2 Sell the goods at the best price readily obtainable and (after deduction of all reasonable storage and selling expenses) charge the Purchaser for any shortfall below the Contract price.

1.5 reserves the right to deliver in installments and any failure to deliver one installment will not entitle the Purchaser to terminate the Contract.

1.6 The quantity of any consignment of goods as recorded by upon dispatch from place of business shall be conclusive evidence of the quantity received by the Purchaser on delivery unless the Purchaser can provide conclusive evidence proving the contrary.

1.7 Claims for shortages or damaged goods must be made in writing to within 3 days of receipt of the goods.

1.8 Claims for non delivery must be made to within 10 days of date of dispatch shown on invoice.

 STANDARD Delivery - Orders will typically arrive within 1-2 working days.

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